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Shabab Sahra - شباب الصحراء



In 2013, we came together to work together so we could improve our job prospects, help our community and look after our land.

Photos: left to right along the top:

Open day (Operation Mercy, Princes Trust International, Mercy Corp, RSCN)

A week’s training the USAID way - in a 5* hotel! The guys thought it was great!

In Cairo, training with Red Rock International /Solo Wilderness First Aid Course /One of many meetings.

No womens members’ photos but they do an upholstery business, sewing school, craft business, family health care, and beauty parlours - all done from home or in the Shabab Sahra meeting house.







We were born in the desert and brought up by our parents to know the Bedouin ways. Desert craft and animal husbandry are our way of life, and our history, poetry, music and riddle games is what we enjoy doing around the campfire at night with our guests.

We also live sometimes in Rum village, where there are schools and electricity.

The Rum Climbing Club has a fully equipped store for members and guided clients. Shabab Sahra also has a fully equipped adventure store for guided clients.

We do a lot of training, hold regular meetings, look after our environment, develop our businesses Plus enjoy fun and friendship and develop our expertise in Shabab Sahra’s Rum Climbing and Mountaineering Club.

Some of the members in this photo have taken a day out to pick up the rubbish in Wadi Rum. We will do this again.

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Business Development, Sport & Environmental Management

Among the Wadi Rum Bedouin Young Adult Association Members

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